City of Cambridge Education Foundation (CCEF)

Former Foundation Trust

David Martin ADAMSON Director
Michael Shepherd DIXON Director
John Nicholas Cassels HOOD Director
Andrew Charles HUTCHINSON Director
Richard Sebastian KEYS Director
Robert LOWSON Director
Craig Barry MORRISON Director
Tom TRAYNOR Director
Janet SWADLING Chair of CAP
Nick HOOD Chair of Trustees
Stephen KENT TAYLOR Chair of Ridgefield Primary
Miles CARTER Company Secretary


CCEF was the Foundation Trust of CAP prior to its status moving from a Foundation School to an Academy in March 2011. As a Foundation Trust it had certain freedoms and autonomies over an LA Maintained School. One of those was the ownership of the Freeholds.

Upon conversion in 2011 the rules and expectations that now exist had not been formalised and as with many Trusts converting at that time the Freehold titles and assets and resources accumulated outside the School’s principle activities were left within the Trust, with an unwritten “licence to occupy” for the premises. As owner of the Freehold the Trust retained lettings revenues outside school hours provided all costs incurred by CAP for enabling such lettings (site staff overtime and overheads) were recharged

Today the expectation is for the Land and Buildings to be held in the Academy, either as Freeholds or as a long leasehold (125 years). A formal lease has been prepared to put this into effect.

Until last year when the Articles of CAP were amended CCEF had the right to appoint a number of Directors to the MAT Board. The changes to those Articles (ratified by CCEF) meant that the MAT Board now nominated new Directors. Directors’ appointments are ratified by the Members of CAP. CCEF Trustees meet 3 times a year plus an AGM. CCEF proposed 3 of the members of CAP but henceforth new members will be appointed by the members.


Principal activity remains the Foundation Trust for Ridgefield and so long as that school remains as a Foundation School CCEF has that responsibility.

CCEF is currently reviewing its Objectives Purpose and Articles including the constitution for Trustees and Membership.


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