Our Business Plan

We have agreed a Business Plan which aims to guide the development of our Multi-Academy trust over the next three years.


Objective 1 – A distinctive Trust

The MAT will have a distinct identity which will be recognised locally, nationally and internationally and which will promote community confidence.  All MAT schools will be oversubscribed on first choices.


Objective 2 – A high achieving Trust

The MAT will be highly effective in improving its schools.  All groups will be making good progress with the result that all MAT schools will have outcomes in the top 20% of similar schools nationally.


Objective 3 – A people-centred Trust

Employees will enjoy the challenge of working in our schools and speak highly of the MAT.  We will be seen as an outstanding employer by people who work within our organisation.


Objective 4 – A well-led Trust

The MAT will have robust self-review procedures to secure highly effective accountability at all levels of management, leadership and governance.  Leadership across the Trust will be outstanding.


Objective 5 – A cost effective Trust

The MAT will be a cost effective organisation which provides high quality support to its schools.  Productivity will be in the top 20% of schools nationally.


Objective 6 – A growing Trust

The MAT will run more schools and educate more students.  All three schools will achieve their growth targets and additional providers will join the Trust.

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